Bondi Kitchen Renovation

Project Overview

Project Overview

The Client Brief

Client seeks an open kitchen design, wanted extra storage and expanded countertop space for improved functionality and aesthetics in their Bondi home.

The Challenge

The task involved maintaining the new kitchen design within the current floor space, ensuring no compromise on the living room area, striking a balance between functionality, and aesthetics.

The Design Solution

The solution involved an island design which allowed two walkways. Extra storage was integrated with cabinets on the island’s back. Eliminating a corner enhanced straight bench space, complemented by an additional set of drawers, optimising both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Result

The outcome is a stunning island design that fosters an open and spacious ambiance. Integrated fridge contributes to a sleek appearance, enhancing the connection with the living area. Neutral light hues accentuate the natural timber floor, establishing a harmonious contrast. The Bondi Beach Project now boasts both functionality and aesthetic appeal, seamlessly merging beauty and practicality in its revamped kitchen space.

Project Features

  • Modern slim-line shaker profile

  • 40mm Concrete Engineered stone

  • Concrete Engineered stone Splashbacks

  • Brass Handles

Kitchen Features


Modern slim-line shaker profile in Polyurethane finish

40mm Concrete Engineered stone benchtops and splashbacks

Fridge integration with matching cabinetry

Brass Handles


Project Photos

Bondi Old Kitchen
Bondi kitchen renovation 3 2
Bondi kitchen renovation 2 2
Bondi kitchen renovation 1 2

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