Kitchenkraft came highly recommended from one of our friends who did a whole house renovation. We met with the then owner Franz and immediately felt like he understood what we were trying to achieve. It was a while before we were able to commit to our laundry and kitchen Reno at which point Franz had retired and his sons were running the business. We have been so incredibly impressed with everyone we have dealt with since. From Kate the designer to Andrew the owner and Karl and Billy who did our installation. Everyone was always very responsive and took immense pride in their work. They were always solution oriented and held their product to a high standard…to the point that they took a couple of cupboard doors back 3 times to get redone as they were not happy with some imperfections that I could not even see! The end product is just beautiful and we are so happy with it. It may have been more expensive then going with some big town franchises (which we have used before) but you can see where the extra money goes and it’s so worth it to have such a beautiful laundry, kitchen and tv cabinet! I would highly recommend the team at kitchenkraft.